28 September 2017 ( 24 views )

Don't forget the groom

Because as we said, every detail counts, the groom must be the most elegant man at his own wedding. and its is normal to take the attention of the camera to the beautiful white dress and the bride but it is important to snap the groom on this unique day. Many grooms live different emotions during their wedding day and it is a day to remember for them too. 
The four basic points the groom should take care of are: the neck, the tie he is wearing that day should be elegant on a plain color, if the event in question is very formal black is the color that must prevail all around the groom's outfit; the feet, the groom must always wear a dark color leather shoe it can be black or brown but black is preferred overall (it is most common to choose a show with laces than a loafer type); the ankles, the socks are a very overlooked detail that can put all the fun into the outfit of the groom it would be a nice detail in the groom can match socks with the male members of his family or his best man; the glitter, any accessory worn by the groom should be elegant but if the party has a relaxed setting these accessories can be customized to adapt the history of the couple (for example wearing a family watch that belong to the father or a personal gift the bride has done to the groom).
About weddings trends can change but style and elegance should always prevail. 

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